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Lead Partner API Systems and Partner Dashboards

Revolutionizing business partnerships through an advanced API integration, boosting efficiency, partner satisfaction, and revenue growth.

Project Overview

Our initiative focused on transforming the way the partner company interacts with its clients by introducing an innovative API solution. The legacy system was outdated, lacking the flexibility and functionality needed for dynamic client onboarding and adaptable partnership terms. Our solution was designed to automate and streamline these processes, facilitating seamless lead exchanges.

Problem Statement

Enable effective communication and collaboration between businesses and their partners, resulting in increased efficiency, productivity, and revenue. The old legacy system was not supporting functionality for:

  • Onboarding new partners with little or no engineering effort
  • Handling partnership term changes without engineering effort


Replacement of the legacy system with a new API that receives leads from various external partners and returns company offers to the partners, considering their specific use cases.


  • Improved partner collaboration
  • Increased productivity
  • Secure data sharing
  • Real-time insights
  • Single source of truth for data


  • Identification of business objectives and needs, creation of the main architectural diagram
  • Design of dashboard interface and experience
  • Development and QA of the system
  • Training of the users
  • Performance monitoring and maintenance

Key Metrics

  • Partner coverage
  • Partner revenue
  • API usage
  • Partner satisfaction
  • Time to integration


  • Software Engineer
  • QA Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Project Manager


  • Ensure additional monthly margins by onboarding new partners and migrating existing major partners and negotiating for better partnership terms.
  • Save engineering effort for adding new and changing configurations on existing partners


When working on the new API, it became evident that partner integrations needed a lot of bespoke work, often dependent on the partner.

Migrating partners over to the new API should not disrupt any lead behavior, nor should it affect performance.

Work done

  • Conducted comprehensive enhancements on API, including a new cron job, improved offer presentations, endpoint refactoring, and lead transfer Integration with CMS, A/B testing tools, tracking services,
  • Refactoring and enhancement of admin panel functionality to support partner onboarding and maintenance, including leads reporting and extended partner configurations
  • Added pulling from production to testing environments and promoting from testing to production functionality to test partner configurations securely without affecting production data.
  • Integration of automated testing
  • Bespoke integration and support for partners


  • We onboarded and migrated a dozen partners.
  • Thanks to our solutions covering various use cases, the system is not becoming a bottleneck for onboarding new lead partners and managing partnership terms.
  • Due to the new bug-free environment, we have less latency in displaying offers on the partner platform and more visibility in tracking leads, even on the partner’s side.
  • The biggest business result is growth in gross margins and growth in delta margins.

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