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Building Tableau Dashboards to Transform Lead Generation Insights

Within this project, our team developed detailed Tableau reports to provide our client with clear insights into lead distribution by partner, enabling optimizations for enhanced lead nurturing and revenue growth.

Project Overview

Our team embarked on a project to transform the client's approach to partner performance analysis and lead nurturing within their lead generation app. Previously struggling with a lack of detailed reporting, our initiative aimed to deploy dashboards that would shed light on each partner's effectiveness in the lead generation funnel.

Problem Statement

The client's previous Tableau reports failed to provide clarity on how leads were distributed across the funnel for each partner. This gap in analytics left business owners in the dark about which partners were effectively utilizing their app and how leads were progressing, complicating efforts to optimize the lead generation process.


To address the client's need for full visibility into their lead generation app's performance for each partner, we implemented several key steps:

Data Instrumentation: As a first step, we instrumented the client's website to capture essential data points. This involved adding code or configurations to track user interactions, lead transfers, and other relevant metrics.

Tableau Dashboard Development: We then developed a comprehensive set of dashboards within Tableau, a data visualization software. These dashboards focused on providing insights into various aspects of the lead generation funnel for each partner. Here's a breakdown of the created dashboards:

  • Offers Dashboard: This dashboard visualizes details about the offers displayed on the client's website for each partner. It could show information like the number of offers, offers transferred to partners' sales, and total conversion rates.
  • Partner Dashboard: This dashboard provides a high-level overview of each partner's performance, aka the distribution of users and offers per partner, rejected, and accepted offers (transferred to partners).
  • Transferred Leads: This dashboard focuses specifically on leads transferred to partners. It shows the number of leads transferred and the total revenue from those transfers. It also provides the client with insights into the main lead attributes, like lead state, FICO score, enrolled loan/debt amount, and revenue per lead.
  • Revenue Dashboard: This dashboard tracks revenue generated through leads transferred to partners. It shows total revenue and revenue per partner.
  • Users Dashboard: This dashboard provides insights into the number of question pages users see/answer before getting to the offers page.
  • Common Path: This dashboard visualizes the user journey within the app, highlighting common steps users take before converting into leads and how many percent of total users went through that path.
  • Average Displayed Offers Daily: This dashboard tracks the average number of offers displayed to each user each day.

These dashboards provide the client with a granular view of their lead generation funnel for each partner. The client can use this information to:

  • Identify top-performing partners.
  • Optimize lead nurturing strategies.
  • Track the overall health and effectiveness of the lead generation app.


The implementation of targeted Tableau dashboards has the following outcome:

  • Improved Visibility: Gained a clear understanding of lead distribution across the funnel for each partner.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Made informed decisions about partner performance and lead nurturing strategies based on concrete data.
  • Performance Optimization: Identified areas for improvement within the lead generation funnel for each partner.
  • Increased Revenue: Increased revenue by optimizing lead nurturing and conversion rates.
  • Improved Partner Relationships: Offered a better understanding of partner performance.

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