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Streamlining Customer Interactions with Communication Platform

To transform the way sales representatives interact with customers, our team developed and deployed a communication platform that centralized various channels into a single, accessible view.

Project Overview

To enhance the sales efforts’ efficiency and improve overall customer satisfaction, our team developed a comprehensive communication platform. This tool centralized various communication channels—email, chat, social media, and phone—into a single, accessible view. By addressing the challenge of managing scattered conversations across multiple platforms, the platform aimed to ensure no customer inquiry was missed or overlooked, thereby enhancing the customer experience and boosting conversion rates.

Problem Statement

Sales representatives faced a significant challenge in tracking and responding to customer interactions spread across diverse communication channels. This fragmentation led to lost or missed information and lead tracking opportunities. The absence of unified communication harmed the conversion rate.



  • Software Engineer 
  • QA Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer 
  • UI/UX Designer 
  • Project Manager


  • Identification of Business Objectives and Needs: Our initial step involved understanding the channels used to communicate with customers and the specific requirements.
  • Tech Stack and Software Platform Selection: The technology stack was chosen to enable scalability, at the same time ensuring the platform's reliability and effectiveness.
  • Design of User Interface and Experience: The UI/UX team delivered an intuitive and user-friendly interface to easily navigate through customer interactions, regardless of the communication channel.
  • Development and QA of the System: Our team developed a platform, integrating it with existing CRM systems and ensuring seamless channel communication.
  • Training of the Users: To maximize the platform's adoption and utility, the team carried out training sessions with the partner’s team, communicating the knowledge needed to effectively use the new tool.
  • Performance Monitoring and Maintenance: Continuous monitoring was established to assess the platform's performance, with regular updates and maintenance.


  • Reduced response time, enabling sales representatives to communicate more effectively with customers.
  • Increased first contact resolution rate, indicating a higher rate of customer issues resolved during the first interaction.
  • Decreased average handle time, reflecting more efficient communication and problem-solving.
  • Improved net promoter score, showcasing enhanced customer satisfaction and willingness to recommend the service.
  • Increased customer lifetime value, directly impacting the retention rate.

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