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SEO-optimized Website and Organic Assets

Within the framework of the project, we carried out a series of A/B tests and experiments to enhance user engagement, directly leading to an increase in visitor-to-lead conversion rates.

Project Overview

As part of our comprehensive project to optimize a FinTech affiliate website, our team tackled core web performance issues and ventured into improving user engagement and enhancing conversion rates.

Application Examples

  • A/B testing and experimentation framework to conduct both client-side and server-side UX experiments.
  • User tracking and personalization widgets to provide a more tailored experience for users.
  • Interactive calculators and tools foster higher user interaction.
  • Dynamic data components and programmatic SEO to enhance content relevance and publish content at scale. 
  • Interactive mega menus cater to the most relevant and engaging content for both users and search engines.

Goal 1: Increase Organic Channel Traffic

Challenge: Frequent Google algorithm changes impacted its Core Web Vitals and, by extension, its search visibility and user experience.

Solution: To improve page performance, we explored innovative solutions like Cloudflare Workers and Cache Reserve.


  • Home Page performance saw marked improvements, with Largest Contentful Paint improving by 3.1x, Total Blocking Time by 2x, and Speed Index by 2.75x.
  • These enhancements helped achieve healthy marks for Core Web Vitals, ensuring robust SEO performance and a solid foundation for further experimentation without sacrificing user experience.
  • The improvements brought a 70% increase in organic, unbranded traffic.

Goal 2: Increase Visitor-to-lead Conversion Rate

Challenges: Our efforts to increase conversion rates were hindered by two significant challenges: the negative impact of UI/UX experiments on page performance and data contamination, which made it difficult to obtain accurate experiment results.

Solution: By implementing and refining a suite of A/B and multivariate testing strategies, along with developing crawler detection mechanisms, it is now possible to have accurate reports without bot and QA traffic noise.


  • We successfully launched four conversion-focused experiments without a major impact on page speed or organic performance.
  • Our refined data analysis protocols effectively filtered out bot and QA traffic, providing clear insights and identifying winning variations of experiments.


This strategic approach led to significant improvements in visitor-to-lead conversion rates, illustrating the value of our targeted, data-driven interventions.

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