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Maximizing Conversion with Retargeting and Remarketing Campaigns

For the US-based financial company, our team implemented cutting-edge retargeting and remarketing strategies within the digital marketing toolkit to optimize conversions and outpace the competition.

Project Overview

In the ultra-competitive US financial industry, our client ranks as one of the leading companies, continuously seeking lead-gen performance marketing innovations to stay ahead of the competition. A significant part of their digital marketing strategy focuses on optimizing the conversion funnel, where retargeting and remarketing campaigns play a pivotal role.

Problem Statement

Engaging potential customers often requires multiple interactions. Despite initial visits, not every visitor completes the journey or fills out a form on the first try. Identifying and addressing the drop-off points in the conversion flow are crucial for enhancing overall conversion rates and ensuring marketing efforts are not wasted.


Leveraging granular-level reporting, sophisticated lead generation flows, and correctly set remarketing tags, we were able to track each lead's journey, pinpointing exactly where they left the conversion process. This dual-focus strategy allowed us to:

  • Diagnose any issues within the conversion flow or messaging, especially where churn rates spiked.
  • By leveraging 1P data, segment leads based on their departure points in the conversion flow, enabling targeted nurturing back towards conversion.

Remarketing campaigns thus became an essential tool in our arsenal, often yielding higher conversion rates due to the leads' prior familiarity with the product/service.


Our remarketing process unfolded through the following steps:

  1. Campaign Setup: Initiating both dynamic (pixel-based) and manual (list-based) retargeting campaigns to cater to different audience behaviors.
  2. Audience Identification: Applying segmented audience lists for targeted engagement.
  3. Creative Development: Crafting compelling ads and copy that resonate with the audience, aimed at rekindling their interest. This step was performed in close collaboration with the creative and compliance teams to match industry compliance standards, a critical step in the financial sector.
  4. Landing Page Optimization: Selecting and refining landing pages that align with the retargeting objectives, ensuring a cohesive message that drives conversions.
  5. Ongoing Optimization: Monitoring campaign performance and making data-driven adjustments to optimize results continuously.
  6. Audience List Updates: For manual campaigns, regularly refreshing the audience lists to capture evolving customer interests and behaviors.
  7. Creative Testing: Experimenting with new ad creatives to maintain engagement and prevent ad fatigue.
  8. Result Analysis and Optimization Loop (this is infinite): A relentless cycle of measuring, analyzing, and refining campaign strategies to enhance ROI and conversion rates.


Implementing retargeting and remarketing across all managed channels and platforms, we witnessed a marked improvement in campaign performance:

  • The conversion rate for retargeting/remarketing campaigns was approximately 1-2% higher than the average for other campaigns, illustrating the effectiveness of our targeted approach.
  • These strategic campaigns ensured marketing resources were efficiently utilized through cost savings while significantly boosting the ROI and completing the buyer’s journey more effectively.

Ready to Boost Your Marketing Efficiency with Retargeting and Remarketing?

If enhancing your conversion rates and making the most of your marketing budget are on your agenda, it’s time to consider a more focused approach.

Partner with us to leverage advanced retargeting and remarketing strategies that reconnect you with your audience and turn potential into performance. Let’s close the loop on your marketing efforts, ensuring every lead is nurtured towards conversion.

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