QA Team Lead

About you

Mamble Team seeks a QA Team Lead who will be as passionate about bug-free, top-quality delivery of our web products and enthusiastic about non-stop learning as the whole team is. 

We are looking for a professional to join us, be responsible for leading our Quality Engineering team, be engaged in all working process reformations, and closely work with our client, a leading financial company in the US.

What are we looking for:

  • At least a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field 
  • Proven experience as a Quality Assurance Team Lead or relevant role
  • Proven experience in JS or any other programming languages
  • Proven experience in test engineering using Automation testing tools (experience with is a big plus)
  • Experience in testing and validating web analytics and eventing such as Google Analytics or Tealium
  • Expertise in measuring and improving web application performance
  • Strong communication skills to work with English-speaking US teams


What you will do:

  • Drive software quality assurance lifecycle as part of the Scrum process and deliver high-quality releases on time
  • Develop and execute automated tests
  • Be responsible for test case and code reviews, approvals 
  • Predict and prevent technical and QE team-related bottlenecks, remove technical impediments
  • Be engaged in extension, improvement, and refactoring of existing codebase and toolkits
  • Be engaged as the technical point of contact (TPOC) for the client’s teams 
  • Understand and analyze technical requirements for the sprint(s)
  • Be responsible for sprint technical tasks organization
  • Be engaged in quarterly and yearly planning 
  • Be engaged in  hiring, onboarding, and evaluations of the QE Team 
  • Stay up to date with industry changes and bring the knowledge to the team
  • Solve challenging technical issues for business/industry
  • Be responsible for technical consulting and decision making


How does the hiring process look like?

  1. Application

    Up to 4 days

  2. Interview

    Up to 8 days

  3. Professional Assignment

    Up to 4 days

  4. Assignment Discussion

    Up to 2 days

  5. Decision